3D Models
  • Detailed, high-poly photorealistic models for stills, animations and movies
  • Light, low-poly models for games and applications
  • Accurate, life-like models for medical illustrations, engineering illustrations/simulations and product designs
  • Character models from concept art
  • 3D logos
  • Digital Sculpting
2D Art
  • Concept art
  • Texturing
  • E-Book/story book/paper book illustrations
  • Presentations
  • Web graphics
  • UI designs for applications and games
  • Traditional Media
Printable Models
  • Precise 3D models for 3D printing, fabrication and
    CNC jobs
  • Design, modeling, printing and shipping of printed
    models (In association with Shapeways.com)
  • Full color printable models
  • Jewelry design and modeling for printing in Gold, Silver
    and other metals or plastics
  • Printable Sculptures, bas reliefs and other art
  • Character animations
  • Game animations
  • Logo/product animations
  • Simulations and FX
  • Simulations using physics engines and particle systems
  • Sound, Music, Voice
Scripting and Rigging
  • MaxScript for Autodesk 3ds Max
  • 3ds Max Bones, Biped and CAT Rigs
  • Custom Rigging for various game engines
  • Morphs and Facial expressions
  • Standalone application development for MS Windows
  • Graphics intensive applications using OSS engines such as OpenGl, Irrlicht, OSG and Bullet
  • Plugins for 3ds Max using 3ds Max SDK
  • Audio and signal processing applications
  • Work automation solutions

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