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  • Introduction
  • Feature List
  • System Requirements
  • Running the script
  • Quick Start
  • Presets
  • Overall Geometry
  • Peaks
  • Peak Properties
  • Strata
  • Rocks
  • Butte/Spike
  • Custom Heightmaps
  • Materials
  • River Map
  • Stones
  • Contact and Support


MaxMounts Pro 2.0 is a MaxScript for creating procedural mountains in 3ds Max, easily and quickly.
MaxMounts creates an infinite variety of mountains and has built in features like rivers, valleys, buttes and stones.

No plugins of any kind are needed. The scenes created using MaxMounts can be rendered without the script. It creates simple 3ds max geometry which can be modified using 3ds max tools. A simple and totally interactive UI lets you create complex and beautiful mountains in minutes !

MaxMounts caters to a beginner as well as advanced users of 3ds Max. A beginner needs to click just one button to start off and an advanced user can customize many aspects of the mountains to get an infinite variety of terrains.

Feature List

Current version 2.0.0 has these features:

  • Create mountains in a Single Click.
  • Extremely fast real time interactive UI.
  • Set size and segments, create extremely detailed to low poly mountains using just one spinner.
  • Add multiple peaks, and edit, position and customize each peak independently.
  • Valleys and rivers.
  • Add custom hightmaps to the existing terrain.
  • Generate river maps.
  • Create highly realistic stones.
  • Built in materials for mountains.
  • Create hills, mountains, buttes, volcanos, craters, realistic as well as surrealistic landscapes in minutes.

A demo version with a limited feature set is available for trial purpose.

System Requirements

Supported versions for 3ds Max are Autodesk 3ds Max 14 to 3ds Max 2019.

Officially supported renderers are Default Scanline Renderer and Mental Ray.

For satisfactory speeds, 3ds Max 2014 or above, 64bit with Quad cores, a high end GPU and 8 GB of RAM is the preferred config.

Running the Script

The filename for the script is MaxMountsPro-200.mse

Simply drag the script file into 3ds Max. Or click on 3ds max menu: MaxScript->Run Script and select this script. No installation is needed.


If you have downloaded the script from Autodesk store, then it will be installed by the Max installer. Script can be launched from the button MaxMounts Pro 2.0 under Exchange Store Menu. If you are unable to find the menu then please reset the workspace and restart the product. To uninstall this plug-in, click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, just as you would uninstall any other application from your system.

Quick Start

  1. Press the Create Mountain button.
  2. You are Done !!

Its that easy.

To see the script in full action:

  1. Click the Add button under Peaks group.
  2. Set its position, rotation or height.
  3. Try various Peak Properties, especially the Seed, to get a unique peak of your liking.
  4. Add more peaks, you can edit them individually by selecting them via the Edit Peak spinner.
  5. Try the Valley checkbox to create a valley between two peaks.
  6. Try the River checkbox to create a river.

Now its time to play with all those parameters to really know the power of MaxMounts Pro 2.0.


Save preset function saves the terrain data except the custom map data into a preset file.

Load preset loads it back. Note that loading a preset creates a new mountain, and it may overlap your existing mountain if any, so move away the old mountain if needed. Custom map data will not be there as mentioned above, so please add it back if needed.

After loading presets you can add more peaks or edit the existing peaks. Its a great way to resume working on a mountain, because once you exit the script or create a new mountain object, the old mountain cannot be edited using the script. So saving your work as a preset is recommended.

Overall Geometry

In the Geometry group, you can set the overall size and resolution of the terrain. You can set the size in powers of 2 via the second set of spinner arrows besides the Size spinner.

Segments are simple the number of x-y divisions in the plane. More segments gives you more detailed terrain.


Click on the Add Peaks button to add a new peak. You can add up to 100 peaks.

You can edit each peak any time by selecting a number in the Edit Peak spinner.

The Remove Peak button removes the peak currently selected in Edit Peak spinner. You cannot remove the first peak. In case you need to do so, create a second peak and remove the first one.

The Valley checkbox creates a valley between two peaks by subtracting the height data, so you get a nice river flowing in the valley. The peak can be edited or positioned while the valley adjusts itself automatically. Uncheck it to return to an additive peak anytime.

The River checkbox turns the peak into a river. You can edit the river too. Uncheck it to get back your peak anytime.

Peak Properties

You can Scale, make it Rough, add Erosion, turn in into a Crater or make it more Pointy or Flat by adjusting this group of spinners.

Most important property would be the Seed, which will completely change the peak shape.

If its a river, use the River Width to adjust it.


MaxMounts Pro can create Strata which are natural and can be customized in looks. Variety sets the randomness in layers of Strata.


You can add a scatter of Rocks and pebbles around the mountain peak and customize them using the settings in this group.


You can convert the regular mountain into an Eroded Butte or can create an alien-esque Spiky tower using this group of spinners. Use peak properties to create your own realistic and unique structure.

Custom Heightmaps

You can Add your own heightmap in the mix to produce even more artistic results. The heightmap should be greyscale and square image.

Remove button removes it, leaving your original creation as it was.

RBG Offset corrects the offset, if needed. Rest of the settings are self-explanatory.


MaxMounts Pro 2.0 can generate two kinds of procedural materials - Top Bottom (DSR) and Landscape (MR). Just select a radio button and click render. The generated materials are placed in material editor for further editing. Note that Mental Ray material may not work for newer versions of 3ds Max.

Select None anytime to remove the materials.


River Map

MaxMounts Pro 2.0 can generate heightmaps of Rivers procedurally. You can set the Chaos and number of Branches as well as bitmap Size etc.

These maps can then be added to the terrain as custom height maps, like shown below.


MaxMounts Pro 2.0 can generate Stones of various sizes and shapes and characteristics procedurally.

Click the Create Stone Button to instantly get a realistic stone with detailed features.

You can change many properties of the Stone interactively. You can edit the already created Stones by picking them up using the Edit: Pick Stone button.

Set the overall look and resolution of the Stone in Geometry group. Too many subdivisions will produce a very detailed Stone, but will also result in too many polys.

The basic look of the stone can be changed via the Seed spinner, which produces a variety of irregular Chipped shapes. You can adjust the Features like Chip Sizes or Edges. You can add Bubbles and adjust their Size and Variety too. Roughness will add fine noise on top of the detailed stone to make it even more realistic.

You can use the stones as it is or produce Normal mapped low poly geometry for games etc. (MaxMounts will not generate the UV or normal map, but you can get a low poly version of the stone by changing the subdivisions after you have created the normal map).

MaxMounts does not add materials or UVs to the stone currently, but it produces pretty colored stones in reddish end of the spectrum.


Contact and Support

For free support, bug reports, requests or queries please contact on

One upgrade of this script is free for registered users. Click on the Register button in Help and About rollout to register.
Full support for registered users will be provided via Email.

Customization requests are most welcome. So if you need extra features in this script for your project please contact with full requirements.

This SCRIPT, MaxMounts Pro 2.0.0, is being provided by OORMI CREATIONS "as is" .OORMI CREATIONS makes no claims or warranties of any kind concerning the safety, suitability, compatibility, performance and durability of this SCRIPT. There are inherent risks in the use of any software, and you are solely responsible for determining whether this SCRIPT is compatible with your equipment and other software installed on your equipment. You are also solely responsible for the protection of your equipment and backup of your data, and OORMI CREATIONS will not be liable for any damages you may suffer in connection with use of this SCRIPT.

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