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Pillars is a MaxScript for Autodesk 3ds Max. It creates 3d models of pillars, columns, railings, fountains and a variety of similar shapes. It also breaks them.

The UI is minimalistic and you can try out a number of designs very quickly, the script does all the creative work. Pillars is totally free for any kind of use and modifications, and is open sourced.




  • Creates the base, column and top parts independently.
  • You can change any part at any time. The model changes instantly in the viewports. (Real time interactivity)
  • Creates simple, fluted and fancy pillars of all kinds.
  • Breaks the pillars.
  • Breaking point, angle and roughness can be controlled and experimented with.
  • Breaks pillars into many pieces if needed.
  • Some presets have been provided to get you started.


System Requirements

Autodesk 3ds Max version 2011 to 2019.



Installation and usage

No installation is needed, simply run the script from Menu command Maxscript-> Run Script.

Pillars Rollout Contains parameters to customize the looks of the Pillar
Base, Column and Top These check buttons enables the settings for the three parts of the pillar. To change the parameters for a part, click on the corresponding check button.
Radius Sets the radius of the part. The actual maximum and minimum radii depend on the design.
Steps Number of extrusions. More steps means a more complex design.
Sides x 2 Half the number of sides of the shape. So the actual sides you see in the model are twice the number set here.
Chamfer Controls the chamfer of rings. Useful if you wish to use Turbosmooth and retain the sharpness of the edges. This will not chamfer the sides. A value of 0 disables the chamfer.
Min Step Size Minimum amount of extrusion in a step.
Max Step Size Maximum amount of extrusion in a step.
Min Outline

Minimum bevel amount of a step.

Max Outline

Maximum bevel amount of a step. The step size and outline changes will change the design completely.


Amount of fluting or vertical ridges.

End Caps

Checking this will close the part on top and bottom. Else it will be open. Useful if you want less polys.


Checking this will smooth the geometry using smoothing groups at a threshold of 30 degrees.


Pressing this button will generate a new design of the enabled part.


Pressing this button will collapse the parts into one single mesh (EPoly) and will also add a cylindrical UVW Map. Parameters cannot be changed once you commit. Of course you can tweak the mesh by hand, if needed.

Presets Rollout

Instantly create a pillar with a predefined preset settings by selecting one from the drop down list. You can then further customize it by using above parameters. If you have an Un-Committed pillar, the preset will replace the settings of that pillar. (It will be lost !). The pillars created using presets are similar but not exactly the same. So choosing the same preset again will create a new design.

Currently there are four built in presets - Simple, Fluted, Temple and Fountain. The Simple preset auto loads on running the script.

Break Rollout Contains paramters to customize the breaking of a Pillar
Pick Pillar

Use this pick button to pick a pillar from the scene. This is the pillar which you are going to break.


Size of the break. If you see the pillar not breaking completely, increase the size. This usually happens at steep angle setting.


The details on the broken cross section. Increasing this value adds more polys to the cross section to make more detailed breaks.


The pillar gets cut at this angle. Zero is horizontal.


Higher values of Roughness will produce more a zig-zag break.


Sets the position of the break. Its in terms of the pillar height. Value of 1.0 means that the break will be at the top most point in the pillar and 0.0 means it will be at the very bottom. 0.5 will break it exactly in the middle.


Breaks it.


Gets the whole column back. You can rebreak it. You will get a different break every time, thanks to the random Noise.


Makes the break permanent. You can add another break at another point by picking the same pillar again. This means that you can break it in many pieces. You can use this break feature to break any other objects in 3ds max.

Known Issues and troubleshooting

If you delete an Un-Commited pillar and try to change it via the script, the script will die. Simply rerun the script if this happens.

When you use too much Roughness and/or too steep Angles in Break, you will see unusual results.

The pillar parts get a new design whenever you change the four parameters of Min/Max Step size and Outline. This is by design. (Its a feature not a bug ;-))

Sometimes the design has zero radii or the part disappears at some places. Simply click New to get a new one. Try increasing the Outline and Radius values.

About Pillars The MaxScript Pillars is totally free and open sourced for any kind of use and modifications. Oormi Creations provides it as is and takes no responsibility of any kind for any issues/problems or harm of any kind that its use may cause.

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