About Cloud Tunnel:

Version : 0.1 March 2014

Cloud Tunnel is a MaxScript for Autodesk 3ds Max. It creates clouds, tunnels of clouds for fly through animations, rocket trails and many more kinds of cloudy stuff.

This script is based on a tutorial by Jonas Ussing. It can be found here.

Cloud Tunnel is totally free for any kind of use and modifications, and is open sourced.

Script features:

  • Creates clouds, tunnels of clouds, rocket trails etc.
  • Shows a live preview render as you change the parameters.
  • Uses the 3ds Max PF Source Particles and standard materials. No extra plugins needed.
  • Provides a very easy UI to get the results quickly.
  • Parameters to control the particle properties and materials.
  • You can specify your own emitters.
  • You can specify any image as a mask to control the cloud shapes and styles, from realistic to cartoony.
  • The parameters are animatable.

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