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LED Display for Autodesk 3ds Max is a free MaxScript for creating seven segment LED display model. The numbers can be animated.

The script is a freeware and can be used for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. It is provided unencrypted for further mods or improvements.


Feature List

Current version 1.0 has these features:

  • Single click creation of seven segment LED display
  • Animation of digits with adjustable parameters
  • Adjustable parameters for length, width, taper, gap etc
  • Built in material with changeable colors
  • Buil in sequences, like count up and down
  • User patterns can be created and animated
  • Free and open sourced

System Requirements

Supported versions are Autodesk 3ds Max 9 to 3ds Max 2019. It may or may not run properly in lower and higher versions than these.

For satisfactory speeds the minimum recommended hardware is a CPU with dual cores and 2 GB of RAM.

Running the Script

If you have downloaded the script from Autodesk store, then it will be installed by the Max installer. Script can be launched from the button LED Display under Exchange Store Menu. If you are unable to find the menu then please reset the workspace and restart the product. To uninstall this plug-in, click Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, just as you would uninstall any other application from your system.

Alternatively, you can directly download the .ms file

The script file is named LedDisplay-14.ms

Simply drag the script file into 3ds Max. Or click on menu MaxScript->Run Script and select this script. 

You can however, make your own macroscipt to create a button on Max toolbar or some other UI item in usual way and "File-In" this script.

Quick Start

  1. Press the Create 7 Segment Display button
  2. You are Done !!

Adjust the Value spinner to set a digit. Or adjust other parameters. Check the "Animate" checkbox for instant animation.

Settings, buttons and Parameters

Segment Shape

Create 7 Segment Display : Creates the display using the paramters already set. the display has 7 parts named Seg001, Seg002 etc. Once a display is created you can change its properties interactively by changing the spinners described below. Settings are interactive and are applied to all 7 segments at once.

One display can show one digit, so if you need more digits, simply create another display by clicking this button. Before you create another display, move the old display to another position to prevent overlapped models. Its recommended to group the old display first. If you can't see the new display or the digits appear strange, it may be because the new model overlaps the old one. (If this happens, you can open the "Select By Name" dialog in Max and select the last 7 objects named "Segxxx" and move them away.)

Note that you cannot change anything in the old display (via script) once you create the new one. The script interacts with only the last created model. The segments are simple Editable Poly objects, which can be changed in usual way in Max (for example, editing the geometry to modify the shape). However, if the geometry is changed, the script can crash, if you try to change it via script after the manual changes.

Length : Length of a segment (x-direction) not including the taper length.

Width : Width (y-direction).

Height : Height (z-direction).

Taper : The length of pointy part of the segment.

Gap : The gap between two segments.

Value : The number that will be displayed (turned ON). It ranges from -1 to 11. -1 and 11 turns off all segments, 0 and 10 set it to 0. 1-9 sets the digits 1-9. More patterns can be added to this spinner and the range increases as you add the patterns.

New Pattern from Selection Button : Select some segments in the viewport and click this button. The selected segments are turned on forming a pattern (e.g. a letter). The pattern in now internally stored and can be reassigned to a new display from the Value spinner. User created patterns range from 12 and above. To create more patterns, select the segments and click the button again.

Segment Material

On Color : The turned on segments will get this color.

Off Color : The turned off segments will get this color.

Wire Color : Wireframe color of the segments.

Note that the glow shown in above render is done with Photoshop. The LED color is a simple diffuse color of standard material in Max, the renders produce no glow.


Animate check box : Enable animation. (You cannot disable it once enabled). If you are not happy with the animation, simply delete the display and re-create it with this check box unchecked.

Play Animation : Auto play the animation. (You cannot stop it by unchecking this checkbox, use the stop button in Max). Its recommended to keep it off when the animation settings are being changed.

Count Up : Built in animation to count up from 0-9. Uses default parameters, which gives a 1 sec speed for 30 FPS rate.

Count Down : Built in animation to count down from 9-0.

Random : Sets the digit to random numbers (0-9) and animates them. The count of such digits can be entered in the text box below it before clicking this radio button.

Enter Sequence below : A custom sequence of numbers can be entered in the text box below it (comma separated) and the animation is done showing each pattern corresponding to the number in sequence in that order.

If no custom patterns are created (Using the "New pattern from Selection" button), then the acceptable range is -1 to 11. Any other numbers (>11) or alphabets etc will result in a blank display (all segments turned off).

If custom patterns are defined, then you can use the new range of numbers in custom sequence.

On Duration : The number of frames for which the digit will be shown before fading into next digit. This is not in seconds, but frames.

Transition : The time (again in frames) during which one digit fades into the other.

Loops : Sets the number of times the animation will be looped.

Start At : The frame from which the animation will start. Note that actually the animation will not start at this frame but the first digit will start fading in before this frame depending on the "Transition" parameter. (This is not a bug, its a feature ;-))

Note that the animation is created as soon as you click a radion button (or check the Animate check box) or change any parameters. It deletes the last animation.

Whats new in this version ?

This is the first version. There can be new versions.

  • Coming soon....

Contact and Support

For free support, bug reports, requests or queries please contact on oormicreations@gmail.com

Customization requests are most welcome. So if you need extra features in this script for your project please contact with full requirements.

This SCRIPT, LED Display, is being provided by OORMI CREATIONS "as is" .OORMI CREATIONS makes no claims or warranties of any kind concerning the safety, suitability, compatibility, performance and durability of this SCRIPT. There are inherent risks in the use of any software, and you are solely responsible for determining whether this SCRIPT is compatible with your equipment and other software installed on your equipment. You are also solely responsible for the protection of your equipment and backup of your data, and OORMI CREATIONS will not be liable for any damages you may suffer in connection with using, modifying, or distributing this SCRIPT.

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