About MaxGrass:

MaxGrass is a MaxScript for creating realistic grass and vegetation in 3ds Max, in a single click.

The script also animates the grass/vegetation growth which looks completely natural.

Please check the demo video (above) and  help document for detailed information.

The script is available via Autodesk App Store:

MaxGrass 2.0.0

Script features:
  • Single click Grass creation (with animation)
  • Also creates and animates many other kinds of vegetation.
  • Grass grows in bunches and has natural bending of blades.
  • Shows live preview of the blade and a bunch as you adjust the parameters.
  • Built in seed which is highly customizable using 11 parameters.
  • Properties like bunching, bending of blades, quantity etc are supported using 6 parameters.
  • Animation is customizable using 7 different parameters to control timings, bend variations etc.
  • Custom models can be used as seed.
  • Custom models can be used as ground.
  • Animated seed model is supported.
  • Distribution map, Height map and Color maps can be used to control growth and look of the grass.
  • Face selection based and angle based distribution.
  • 8 built in Presets.
  • 7 kinds of built in materials. Custom materials can be used.
  • Saving and loading of user presets.
  • Supports versions 3ds Max 2015-2018

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