About MaxShell:

MaxShell is a MaxScript for Autodesk 3ds Max. MaxShell creates an inner shell which can be used to hollow out the models. It is useful for reducing the volume of the model in case the model is 3D printed.
Less volume means less material, faster printing and less cost.
Supported versions of 3ds Max are 2014-2019.

Please check the demo video (above) and  help document for detailed information.

The script is available via Autodesk App Store:

MaxShell 1.0.0

Script features:
  • Create a shell for organic models in a single click.
  • Specify wall thickness and resolution.
  • Flip and attach the shell.
  • Auto UV map and material for the shell.
  • Thin wall checker utility.
  • Easy to use and fast.
  • Very much affordable.
  • Supports versions 3ds Max 2014-2019

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