About Naad:

Version : 1.0.0 March 2018

Naad (Sanskrit: Vibration), is a program for composing and playing percussion loops, of the Indian instrument Tabla.

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License and Usage:

Naad is completely open sourced under GPL. The Naad executable for MS Windows and VC++ source can be downloaded from GitHub.

Program features:
  • Plays and composes Tabla loops out of up to 120
    real samples of individual Tabla strokes (Bols) 
  • Loops can be composed on an interactive UI
  • Composition can be made using several loops
  • Compositions or loops can be saved and
  •  Accompaniments (Taanpura and Ghungaru). 
  • Samples are actual sounds in .wav format
  • Simultaneous multiple wav file samples can be
  • Tempo can be varied
  • Randomness can be introduced in timing to make
    is sound less mechanical
  • Variation in Bols can be introduced in real time
    during play. 
  • Users can specify their own samples.
  • Auto update notifications

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