Naad (Sanskrit: Vibration), is a program for composing and playing percussion loops, especially for the Indian instrument Tabla.

Naad is completely open sourced under GPL. The Naad source can be downloaded from Github repository.

Feature List

If you are interested in developing this project further, please contribute via the Github repository for this project



Download the latest release from Github

System requirements are MS Windows 7 or above.



Run the installer. It my need Admin rights.

Naad registers the file type associations, so registry writing privileges are desired, but are not totally necessary for running this program.

Naad checks for updates on the net every time it runs, so a net connection is desired, but is not needed for running it.


Naad User Interface

  1. File open/save, Edit, View properties etc functions are available via menu.
  2. In Composition View this grid shows the layout of loops and in Loop View it shows the layout of Bols (beats). Here you do your creation.
  3. An accompaniment can be selected here.
  4. Tempo or Gati or speed of playing can be varied here.
  5. This slider will introduce randomness in Tempo.
  6. This slider can be adjusted to vary the bols during playback.
  7. The Play button plays the entire composition.
  8. The Play Loop button plays only the loop.
  9. Status bar and sometimes also the help/tips bar.
  10. Stop button does the obvious.

You may find some disabled/grayed out items in the UI, these are placeholders for future functions. All of the above functions are described in detail in this help document.

In case you feel that this document can be improved, feel free to make changes and contribute via the Github repository for this project




Quick Start

Load an example composition from the menu File->Open Composition and click the Play button.

There are some sample compositions in the folder named Compositions. Try clicking on various UI elements to see which thing does what. Naad UI is highly intuitive and requires minimal training. You can start making your own compositions on very first try.


If you are a talented Tabla player or even a newbie, please share your compositions/taals/ loops/variations with all Naad users or send them to us for inclusion with future versions of this program.