About Oormi Prims:

Version : 1.0 June 2013

Oormi Prims are basic primitives for use in Sculptris.
These can be imported into Sculptris as usual and are free for any kind of use.
Some of these can be scaled (non-uniformly) to get other basic solids, e.g. the cylinder can be scaled on Z axis to get a disc (useful to make a base for a model).

Sculptris is a free digital sculpting application by Pixologic and its awesome.

The zip file contains:
  • Box
  • Cylinder
  • Tube
  • Torus
  • Cone
  • Pyramid
  • Objects with 2,3 and 4 holes
  • Rectangle
  • A Sculptris file with all these objects
  • The prims are in obj format

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