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These tools are a set of scripts useful for day-to-day work in Autodesk 3ds Max.
Most functions are written for the reducing the time and number of clicks it takes to do it otherwise. Some other functions create new primitives. This script is a freeware and any kind of use and modification is allowed.

Installation and use:

Copy it in your 3ds max's scripts\startup folder to autostart at launch or simply run from MAXscript menu. Ensure that the Icons folder is also copied to the same location as script.

Supported 3ds max versions are 2011-2015. It may or may not work properly on other versions.

The script UI is in a form of toolbar and will dock at bottom. The buttons have tooltips. The buttons with a small red arrow at
bottom are with a right-click menu for settings/parameters etc.


Open Image: Opens an image file from a folder and reads all other images in that folder for  viewing in the style of windows picture viewer, but inside max. Right click on it to close the image and clear all read images.

Previous image: Display previous image.

Next image: Display next image.

Assign as Map: Assign the open image as bitmap texture to selection. On the submenu you can turn on assign to polys as multimaterial and assign the image with embedded alpha as opacity map also.

Edit image: Opens the currently opened image for editing in external program like photoshop. If an object is selected its texturemap will be edited. Set/change the editor by right clicking. For example if you editor is Photoshop, browse to the Adode folder in Program files and select the Photoshop.exe

Quick Unwrap UV: Adds a Unwrap UVW modifier with some preset setting to make it easier to edit.

Rename materials: Renames the materials in editor slots. Uses object name prefix for materials and maps.

Random wirecolors: Assigns random wirecolors to the selected objects. Right click to set the color range.

Center pivot: Position the pivot at the center of the selected object.

Pivot at x=0: Moves the pivot to y-axis. Useful for symmetry or mirror.

Center pivot and move to origin: Does the same.

Pivot at Bottom Center: Does the same. Useful for scaling the object while keeping it on the ground.

Reset Transform: Resets the transforms and collapses to EPoly. All modifiers will be lost....

Autosmooth : Apply autosmooth to all polys of the EPoly at any subobjectlevel. Works for multiple selected objects.

Incremental Save : Saves the current scene with a number suffixed at the filename. This number is incremented everytime the scene is saved using this button. If a file of same number already exists, it skips to the next number. If the filename has no number, it will add a number. If the file is never saved (a new scene), it will ask for a file name.

Quick lights: Creates a Key Spotlight, a cool Backlight and a Skylight with raytrace shadows set. (Skylight shadows may need manual setting in some versions)

Render all views: Renders a composite of all the views. Set the scale in submenu. The aspect of each viewport is retained.

Insert logo: Overlays a logo image of your choice on the render. Supports alpha (e.g for png images). Set the logo position and file with right click submenu. The last rendered image will be used and if there is no last render, it will be rendered first.

One poly: Creates one poly facing front as EPoly, no transforms. Great for starting a model.

No cap cylinder: Creates a cylinder without caps. Set the number of sides in submenu. Saves polys and time.

Ground: Creates an opacity mapped ground plane. Set the color in submenu.

Reference plane: Creates a reference image plane, using the opened image. If no image is open, it will ask for an image. The dimensions of the plane are equal to the width/height (in pixels) of the image. Right click to set the self-illumination and cross planes or renderable settings.

QuadSphere : Creates a sphere with only quad polys.

QuadCylinder : Creates a cylinder with only quad polys.

MaxScript Help : Displays the MaxScript offline help (saved on your disk). Right click to set the path.

Help : Displays this online help.

Save Indicator : The icon turns red after 5 minutes, if the scene is changed and needs saving. It turns green after saving the scene.


  • Many of the above commands have Undo.
  • Some settings like the image editor, maxscript help file path, random wirecolor ranges and logo filepath are saved on your disk so no need to set it every time.
  • If you see errors after setting something, please ensure that you have the rights to write in the plugcfg directory.
  • You can change the docking etc by modifying this script. Default docking is at the bottom.
  • You can change the save indicator reminder time also by changing the timer timeout parameter in the code.
  • When the chamfer is too much for a QuadCylinder, some bumps can be seen on the cap. Turn down the chamfer or reduce the number of sides to correct it.

Contact and Support

For free support, bug reports, requests or queries please contact on oormicreations@gmail.com

This SCRIPT, Oormi Tools 0.2, is being provided by OORMI CREATIONS "as is" .OORMI CREATIONS makes no claims or warranties of any kind concerning the safety, suitability, compatibility, performance and durability of this SCRIPT. There are inherent risks in the use of any software, and you are solely responsible for determining whether this SCRIPT is compatible with your equipment and other software installed on your equipment. You are also solely responsible for the protection of your equipment and backup of your data, and OORMI CREATIONS will not be liable for any damages you may suffer in connection with using, modifying, or distributing this SCRIPT.

Oormi Tools 0.2

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